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Where Change Making Partnerships And Collabs Are Made

What Is CoPartnerUp?

The community where change-makers come together to connect, partner and collaborate in order to make a greater impact and inspire more people, together!


Finding the right partners to collaborate and innovate with can be challenging. Without an ecosystem of value-aligned allies everything gets harder and a lot more stressful. 
You'll miss many opportunities to grow and expand your impact.

 This community is here to help!

Here is where you connect with other change makers and learn how to co-create new meaningful innovation and marketing  partnerships.

 All together we can transform the competitive way of marketing and build the most impactful, collaborative and thriving partner ecosystem in the world to co-create a better future for our planet and next generations. 

Think LinkedIn

But distraction free and exclusively for change makers like you.

Are You A Change Maker?

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Our Core Values

Consciousness, Community and Collaboration.

What's Inside?

  • A thriving community of change makers who are looking for their ideal partner to grow with and are willing to explore new ways to collaborate and expand their ecosystem.
  • Strategic insights and inspiring talks to think outside the box and co-create your own thriving ecosystem of partners.
  • Possibility to join a premium membership designed for those who want to learn a systematic, low-risk and proven framework to create innovation and marketing partnerships.

How Much Does It Cost?

Access to the CoPartnerUp Community is FREE and it grants access to our awesome member's directory, exclusive content and monthly events such as our member talks and livestreams.
Much more importantly, you’ll also meet amazing change makers like you on a similar path.

Who Should Join?

This is the community for change makers that are looking to
  1. Discover alternative cost-effective, collaborative and innovative marketing strategies.
  2. Become part of a thriving global partner ecosystem of like-minded change makers.
  3. Start using a systematic, low-risk and proven framework to co-create innovation and marketing partnerships.

We are conscious founders, innovators, regenerators, leaders, creators and marketers working with or inside






from any sector, aimed to make a greater impact together.

We are actively working on social and environmental causes such as









We are willing to co-create partnerships from a caring, non merely transactional perspective.
We believe in the value of collaboration, recognise and celebrate others' success.
We are open to innovating and experimenting with new models of collaborative marketing.

Who Shouldn't Join?

The fact that this community is free and inclusive does not mean that it accepts everyone who sends a request to join.
Being a collaborative space, people are only allowed to join if they are truly interested in pursuing the community's purpose.
Therefore, we ask you to read the info on this page carefully and please avoid sending any request to join if not aligned. 

Not Your Community If You

  • Want to partner with a purely transactional perspective.
  • Do not have time to intentionally participate and contribute.
  • Just want to nose around and/or find new contacts to spam.

Want to become an expert? 

Join CoPartnerUp Premium

Move faster through the proven strategies of CoPartnerUp Premium and avoid the traps that stop people from successfully designing partnerships that deliver innovation, profit, and impact.
A premium paid membership exclusively for members.
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Why Premium?

  1. TO navigate a rapidly changing world and transform the competitive way of marketing through collaboration.
  2. TO connect with leaders of responsible organisations and learn how to co-create a thriving partner ecosystem.
  3. TO learn how to design an entire partnership strategy and integrate it into your current strategic plan.
  4. TO build new co-marketing practices that are important to us and are nearly impossible to do on your own.
  5. TO work smarter and more efficiently by hearing the stories, experiences, and ideas of leaders on the same path.
  6. TO make better, more well-informed decisions about the collaborations that are important to you.
  7. TO be able to launch and manage a cost-effective co-marketing campaign without hiring someone.
  8. TO get answers to partnership-related questions that don’t have an easy or obvious answer.
  9. TO get access to partnership resources such as PRO tools and templates.
  10. TO learn how to track the impact that partnerships will bring to your organisations.

Because It’s Time To Join Forces To Co-Create A Better Future, Together! 

Exclusively for members. Request an invite to join.
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